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project proposal + terms

Scope of Work

this branding project will include (1) brand research, (2) a style/mood board, (3) three initial concepts, (4) three rounds of revisions, (5) one alternate logo, (6) one submark, (7) one final branding board including all logos and submarks, brand fonts and brand colors, (8) final designs delivered in the following formats: jpg, pdf, png, and (9) exclusive rights to artwork (described further within the terms and conditions).


  1. upon agreement of this proposal + terms, you will receive a brand research questionnaire, due within two business days.

  2. a style board will be delivered within 24 hours of your completion of the questionnaire.

  3. upon approval of the style board, Initial concepts (include main logo and concepts only) will be delivered within two business days.

  4. all revision/edit requests and questionnaires are due within two business days in order to complete the project within four weeks (by april 11, 2019).

  5. after i receive your feedback and requests, revisions will be delivered within two business days (all revisions will include a full branding board). the third revision will be the final branding board, and any subsequent revision requests aside from spelling or grammar issues will be accommodated at an additional cost.

  6. upon final approval of the designs, you will receive all of your design files in various formats via google drive.

Billing Plan

an $80.00 retainer fee is due before any design work will begin (20% of entire project cost), and the final payment (remainder of project cost)of $320.00 will be due after the final branding board is agreed upon and before any final files are delivered.

Terms and Conditions

please read through the terms and conditions.

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